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The first Church Of God In Christ in the city was established by the late Elder Justus Bowe about 93 years ago.  He resided in Geridge, Arkansas and was urged by the spirit of God to come to Hot Springs and preach the gospel of repentance.


Being the first overseer of this state, he temporarily laid aside his official duties and obeyed the voice of God.  About 1912 and 1913, he began preaching at a point on the Hot Springs Creek at Valley street and moved on up to other streets.  His messages were powerful because he cried against sin in low and high places.  Because of his opposition to the degrading forms of sin, he was persecuted and restricted in different ways.  Nevertheless, he continued to preach, causing men to be saved.  One of his great prophecies was the fire of 1913.  This fire demolished a portion of the city and caused men to consider their evil doings.


Later he decided to stretch a tent across the street on the corner of Grove and Daisy Streets.  Here he continued his crusade for Christ.  Many were saved and baptized.


He organized the church there and later bought this property from a party known as Mrs. Yizzer.  Then he decided to build a house for the people of God.  This was a glorious church edifice.  People came running to worship and behold the wonders of God.  Many were healed and left their crutches, walking sticks (canes), eye glasses, etc. in the church.


As time passed on, the church was enlarged and had a parsonage built in the rear.  This edifice housed the people of God for many years.  Many pastors assisted Elder Bowie with the work.  The church was repaired several times with major repairs done by Elder Matten.


In 1970, Bishop James Boware, Pastor of Boware Temple, located at 405 Malvern Ave was sent to pastor in Little Rock, AR.  Many members were not able to travel at that time.  Bishop Boware asked the members to unite with Daisy Street Church of God In Christ.  The members that followed his instructions were: Sister Lanetta Flemon, Mother Rosie Hilbert (D), Sister Emma Davis (D), Sister Lottie Williams, Sister Wille Mae Collins, Brother Willie and Sister Rozena Everett and four children, Sister Linda Williams and Sister Marilyn Williams.


As time continued on it was needful for the edifice to be replaced.  This was accomplished during the pastorate of Elder Raymond Savage.  He served as pastor for 14 years.


Elder J. W. Harrison served as pastor interim during 1984.  He was a good shepherd who lead us out of many difficult situations.  He came, he saw, he conquered.  Step by step he lead us to green pastures and elevations of spiritual growth and advancement.


And now we are grateful for Superintendent David L. Withers of Little Rock, Arkansas.  He was officially appointed and installed as pastor of the church, Living Waters Church of God In Christ.  We received him with great joy, looking forward to continued divine leadership.  He has served faithfully and accomplished many things as our pastor since 1984.  Spiritual and physical progress has been the results of this leadership.  We are grateful for what God has allowed us to accomplish together. 


Lest we forget, let us pause and remember the members that have gone home to Jesus.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”


Jeremiah 29:11  


"He That believeth on me...out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters"   

 John 7:38

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